Compounding Equipment


This device is absolutely necessary for efficient and accurate compounding.


The electronic and electro mortar & pestles provide pharmacists with the modern way to compound creams, gels, ointments and suspensions.


A homogenizer is a high-performance dispersing instrument suited to a variety of applications, including particle size reduction for suspension (including parenteral compounds) and lotions.


The tube sealer provides an effient way to seal plastic tubes, bags, suppository shells and sleeves.


The flow hood enables pharmacists to conduct various types of sterile compounding, such as chemo, ophthalmic or injectable medications.


The capsule machine provides pharmacists with a better way to make capsules. It is designed to avoid labor-intensive hand punching, and accommodate oil-filled capsules, with the capacity to make up to 300 capsules at a time.


This dosage form provides rapid sublingual administration in a variety of flavors.


The lollipop mold enables pharmacists to make lollipops with a variety of substances, such as sorbitol, gelatin, polyethylene glycol and sucrose bases.


The ointment mill mixes powders, crystals and creams into a smooth, finished product.


The rectal suppository mold can be used to make six suppositories at a time. The shape of the suppository ensures that it will stay in the rectal orifice in direct contact with the hemorrhoid. The mold also features an air vent for each suppository, enabling the dosage form to stay in the body for up to six hours. The air vent is created using a removable metal plate which aids in removing the suppositories from the mold.