Testosterone Sublingual RDTs

Many prescribers order compounded testosterone creams or gels for women for a variety of androgen-deficiency

symptoms, as there is not a commercial product currently available that is indicated for women. Either due to poor absorption or adherence, many women do not achieve the full benefit from topical testosterone. Therefore, a look at a unique delivery system is needed.

Sublingual absorption of testosterone using PCCA Rapid Dissolve Tablet Powder or PCCA RDT-Plus reduces the

amount swallowed due to the rapid dissolution. You can advise patients to not eat or drink for 30 minutes to allow maximal absorption via the mucous membranes sublingually or buccally.

Example Formulas

  • Testosterone 0.5 mg Rapid Dissolve Tablet (PCCA RDT-Plus)
  • Testosterone 5 mg Rapid Dissolve Tablet (PCCA RDT-Plus)